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The History of Tremere Pastoral

Tremere Aerial

Tremere Pastoral is a family operated primary production business providing tropically adapted Bos Taurus genetics to the Beef Industry. Established in 1958 by Principals Mort and Barbara Hudson, Tremere is situated in the Callide Dawson valley, near the township of Moura in Central Queensland. Under the management of Swin Hudson the present day Tremere herd reflects the 60 years of selection based on Estimated Breeding Values ( EBV’s) and visual appraisal.

Tremere advocates the breeding philosophy of fostering breed improvement of characteristics which are economically important such as environmental adaptation, fertility, temperament and growth rate as well as carcase yield, suitability and marketability. Improving and consolidating the herd’s measured performance is paramount in Tremere’s stud objectives. Ensuring consistently high quality docile stock , synonymous with the stud.

An Annual Bull Sale is conducted in September of each year with all sires rising two years of age. The Similtaneous style of auction allowing clients the opportunity to select the sires best suited to their particular operation. Commercial steers are marketed to the EU trade.

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The Tremere Belmont Herd commenced in 1974 when the first Belmont females were released to the Australian Beef Industry by the CSIRO. While maintaining the base herd of Belmonts, the breeder herd of 1200 females enables on -farm comparisons of different genetics using the measured objective data recorded on Breed plan on the Australian Composite Register data base along with the visual appraisal of each individual animal. Tremere has trialled Bonsmara, Tuli and Boran genetics, along with selected European breeds and Senepol. Not content with the on-farm search for excellence, Tremere is an industry research co- operator in projects conducted at the Beef Research Stations, current involvement is with the Northern Geonomics Project. Many of the techniques that are trialled for measuring genetic gain in these projects that have proven to be economically sound are implemented at Tremere.

Tremere Cattle have been displayed at farm-fests and field-days throughout Queensland. An exhibitor at Beef week since its inception Tremere is proud to promote the Belmont breed to the Beef Industry throughout Australia and abroad. Tremere Belmont Genetics can be found from the East coast to the West in this great continent of ours.