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    Swin and Kathy Hudson

    "You can't improve what you don't measure". A firm belief in the importance of using measured performance data for the advancement of herd genetics directs the management practices of Swin and Kathy Hudson at Tremere. Selection of herd animals using EBV's, visual appraisal and functional soundness ensures the production of consistently high quality, docile cattle suitable for grass or grain finishing meat markets.

    Tremere Pastoral in an industry research co-operator of long standing. Contributing animals to CRC projects as well as other trials conducted by CSIRO and DAFF. Swin is often at the forefront of implementing new technologies for measuring genetic gain on property, on a commercial basis.

    Tremere has an extensive history of success in feedback trials and carcase competitions. A highlight was winning the inaugral Ausmeat trial. A regular exhibitor at field days and Ag shows throughout Queensland, Tremere has been a keen participant at Beef Week since its inception in 1988.

    Swin Hudson

    Swin and Kathy are proud to continue the company's accociation with the 42nd Battalian Army Reserve Unit, supplying the mascot bull for parade duties when required.

    Swin in the second son of Tremere principles Mort and Barbara Hudson. Graduating from Gatton College in the 1980's, Swin has worked in Agriculture in Canada, New Zealand and the Northern Territory prior to taking on the management role at Tremere. He is actively involved on Industry Research Committies and has been a long term counciller for both the Belmont and Bonsmara societies.

    At Tremere we expect a lot from our cattle. By measuring performance we know our bench mark. Our philosophy of, "you know what we know"! Enables our buyers to make informed choices.